I was able to reflect deeply and identify the root cause of my anxiety. Today, the issue I went to Larry with does not cause me anxiety any more.
— Claudia Kempe
It’s no small thing to deal with anxiety on a daily basis, it affects your appetite, ability to sleep, ability to connect and most of all the ability to be confident in your decisions. Those at least were the symptoms I was dealing with constantly and it was exhausting. I’ve had two sessions with Larry and from the first to the second there has been already so much change, so much strength that I’ve found within myself.

Larry’s technique and methods are effective; he doesn’t instruct you on how to fix yourself but guides you on how to be your own teacher. A lesson that can continually be learnt and one that I’m excited to continue exploring.
— Charlotte Marotto
I noticed a sense of lightness in my step following Larry’s reading. Walking home after that initial session, I felt a surprising burst of energy that motivated me to no end that day, even on a rainy day when I tend to become recluse.

Subsequent sessions have allowed me to delve deeper into my understanding of self, where I came from, how I’ve dealt with that and my path moving forward. Our latest session further confirmed what I have been feeling on a daily basis, a constant battle between logic and feelings. While I now understand my path, the awareness Larry brought me was invaluable.
— Jessica Knowles
I’m so grateful for the abundant amount of resources from Larry in the many areas that I’m ready to implement and put into practice in my life.
— Sam Yusuf
For this I owe Larry Li my deepest of gratitude. Because he’s not changed my life but saved it more that he knows. I only just told him some of this tonight.
— Francesca Murray

I’m a business owner and face frequent bouts of stress and anxiety which stay with me. Larry gave me some personalized guidance that set me on a helpful path to alleviate these.
— David Foley