Falling in love with Taiwan! Visiting Taipei!


Visiting Taiwan

A Cultural Delight

I fell in love with Taiwan after staying there for two months while visiting my husband’s grandparents. My husband was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when he turned 6. Luckily his extended family which he visits yearly still lives in Taiwan. This gave me the chance to experience Taiwan for the first time.

This beautiful island is a paradise. You’ll enjoy good food, amazing sights, spiritual charged places and kind, welcoming people.

In Taipei you can easily get around with English, however if you go to the smaller parts as in any other places in the world that are not English speaking and main cities it becomes difficult.

In Taipei we stayed at the Eslite Hotel which oversees Taipei 101. Our room and the view from our balcony was beautiful.

Price wise it was reasonable considering the services and comfort they offer. Everything was on spot. We had to pay for breakfast as it was not included but it was worth it. The buffet was more than we could ask for. It offers local foods and dishes, and caters to those who are looking for a more western style breakfast.


Jet lag time

Their gym facility was very useful as we were struggling with jet lag and spent a considerate amount of time during the night there. The time was perfect as it was completely empty.

All in all perfect stay.

Depending on what kind of tourist you are I recommend doing a bit of research before because there are so many incredible places to see in Taipei.

We like to explore the local cuisine and walk randomly and visit random sights, some popular some not so much. We don’t plan at all, we like to go with the flow and let life guide us in general.


Taipei 101

A glimpse of Taipei

Taipei 101 was the first sight we visited when we got to Taipei, it was very close to out hotel. It’s an impressive building but the best part of it is the amazing view. We visited at night because our jetlag kept us asleep all day during the first week. Nonetheless it was a cool experience. Next year we’ll go again and we planned on going again during day time, if we can overcome our Overlord Jetlag. There are various attractions inside the tower - art, sculptures, lights, food and so forth.


Maokong Gondola

A sea of nature inside Taipei

Going up Maokong with the gondola was intense as I’m very scared of heights. But less scary due to the anesthesia I was under coming straight from the dentist.

After reaching the top, you’ll find a beautiful tea house where you can sip tea and enjoy the view. An organic tea farm inside a forest which we explored in the rain. I’ll let the video speak for themselves.


Taipei is alive at night

Due our prolonged jetlag we walked around at night a lot. The night market and city lights were our companions.


What to eat?

Everything! Anything! At any time! PS: Make sure not to keep your partner waiting for too long while you take food pics for your insta.

From sesame cake to veggie and sweet buns, noodles, hot pots to western food. Everything tastes incredible. I ate in many places, but none compare to the taste and quality of the food in Taiwan. Even the western foods taste better here. If there is one thing you will always reminisces after going to Taipei is going to be food for sure.

Make sure to visit the night market in Taipei

Amazing food and energy!

Me and Larry, we are both Buddhists. We meditate, do yoga, bow, do Buddhist rituals, practice Buddhist mantra and whatnot. Therefore visiting temples, our teacher, having tea ceremonies was one of our main activity.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy and be kind to yourself and others. Blessings!

<3 Teodora