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Yoga Retreat to Relieve Stress

Yoga, Meditation, Mindful Eating and Ayurveda Retreat to Relieve Stress

This wonderful yoga retreat has the purpose to serve people who want to have a spiritual light yoga experience and build a routine that will empower their goals and lifestyle, while gaining independence in their yoga practice, building a home practice and routine. 

The retreat will include both dynamic and restorative yoga classes and meditation (morning and/or evening) which will be taught by Teodora and/or Larry.

At the retreat guests will practice dynamic and gentle yin yoga, pranayama exercises, meditation and a mantra will be offered. Guest will learn about Ayurvedic knowledge, and how to eat mindfully for their own constitution. 

The retreat will be vegan/vegetarian, organic and whole foods. 

We will discuss mindfulness, have tea, spend time in nature, visit spiritual and local sites. 

There will be free time every day 2-3 hours in the afternoon where you can visit/nap etc. 

There will be planned activities hikes etc. 

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Daily Yoga and Meditation 

Yoga and Meditation on the beach

Authentic culture and organized trips 

Daily Vegetarian Meals

Ayurveda Therapy 

Mindful Eating 

Nature walks 


  • Daily 3 Ayurvedic vegan and vegetarian, raw and cooked healthy meals. 

  • 6 yoga sessions (morning and evening) - dynamic and restorative

  • Daily meditation and pranayama sessions

  • 1 session Ayurvedic pulse reading - learning your dosha.

  • 1 Ayurvedic nutrition workshop

  • 1 cupping session

  • Hiking 

  • Paddle boarding

  • Winery trip

This retreat is design for those who want to recharge, heal and get a head-start into a mindful way of living. Here you will have 2 daily yoga sessions, a dynamic practice in the morning and a restorative session at night. Each yoga session will be accompanied by pranayama ( breathing exercises) and a deep meditation. 

Eat healthy vegan food, drink healing herb teas. Find out what your dosha is, according to your constitution and learn to eat accordingly with Ayurvedic nutrition. 

You may opt for a cupping session. 

Hiking, paddle boarding (or other)  and a trip to the X winery will give you a full feeling of the local environment. 

After this weekend you will feel energized and confident. This weekend is here to serve your inner exploratory journey. Take with you everything that resonates with your soul, need and desires. You should be able to start your own yoga journey.


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