As you begin to familiarize yourself with my healing studio i light some incense and bow to the universe. we chat a bit about principles of meditation and healing. It's nice.

You find yourself a comfortable seat and i soon join you, sitting at your feet.

I empty myself and connect with you fully, employing my entire meditation to you. My personality fades to the background and my heart opens. I listen to every fiber of your being as it speaks in the silence. i begin to hear your pain, dreams, and desires. I begin to resonate with your suffering.

As the stillness evolves, I ask to listen to your pulse at your ankle, at your wrist, and if necessary, at your jugular. 

I close my eyes as I feel your spanda, your pulse, the unique tremor of your heart.

there is seven layers of information here according to ayurveda and i can begin to hear your mental tendencies, physical attributes, and all the wonderful things you inherited from mom, dad, earth, and sky.

Through open dialogue and honest exchange we inevitably find everyone is fighting a hard battle of some sort within, At this point we can begin to explore meditations, techniques, and therapies. I will tailor everything to your specific conditions. 

I have spent my life learning and exploring healing techniques and I am eager to share them with you. I promise to be at your service and if I feel I cannot be of use to you, I will refer you to my established network of professionals. 

“Given one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution.” -Albert Einstein