Hello. My name is Larry Li and I have had the good fortune to walk out of cancer, autoimmune disease, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. My journey from sickness to health was difficult but now I am here serve as a therapist and educator.
I am passionate about healing and the integration of medical sciences from around the world. I have studied at The University of Victoria, The Ayurvedic Institute, and The Institute of Holistic Nutrition.

My formal education provided the foundation for me to understand the high teachings of my gurus. Action Compassion would not be a reality without Dr. Tang PHD, MD., Master Chen, and Jaisri M. Lambert of

I am here to listen

Using the benefits that have arisen from ten years of meditation, I am able to connect with you as a healer. In the emptiness of meditation I can hear you completely. 

I will earnestly and openly connect with you on multiple levels. I can help you release your pain and trauma using meditation, somatic therapy, and clinical experience. 

I am here to heal

Your circumstances need to be truly honored in conjunction with your method. If we can understand the problem intimately then the answer naturally arises. The solution is never truly separate from the problem.

There is nothing you can't ask me. There is nothing we can't discuss. I will do whatever it takes.