Meditation facilitation and meditation techniques tailored to your lifestyle and attributes.

We need to discover a meditation for you that is suitable, enjoyable, and sustainable to your unique mental and physical tendencies. 

-  ActionCompassion













Integrated Bodywork

   This is assisted meditation and rejuvenation for body and mind. For self realization and healing, the body must be totally supported, relaxed, and empowered.











"PEMF therapy has been personally CRUCIAL to my own healing." - Larry Li






Ayurvedic pulse reading to determine what foods may be most suitable for you.

      The Pulse, lovingly referred to as Spanda (The Tremor of the Heart) can reveal to us almost everything about us. From organ status to mental proclivities to the traumas you have endured. Please, allow me to listen; it is a true inquiry.

-  ActionCompassion










Bioresonance Technology

"Whole body energy regeneration, recharging the human body's many trillions of cells, increasing oxygenation and ATP production, speeding up detoxification and improving nutrient absorption, reducing inflammation response and stress cascades, allowing full body hydration to occur, boosting the immune system, healing inflamed tissues and wounds, improves scar tissue healing, empowering general nervous system function, boosting recovery time from heavy activities and workloads, harmonizing energy meridians quickly without overstimulating, reducing pain from various causes (including arthritis and back pain), enhancing micro-circulation, positively modulating headaches and migraines, increasing bone density by 20 to 30 percent in osteoporosis, reducing Fibromyalgia symptoms, improving sleeping disorders and complete burnout."



Disclaimer: Larry Li is not a medical doctor and his consultations are not to be taken in place of medical diagnosis and or treatment.