Meditation facilitation and meditation techniques tailored to your lifestyle and attributes.

 Discover the endlessly growing benefits of internal mastery and regulation - change your mind and body. Peace is your birthright, learn to attract it with ease.















Ayurvedic Bodywork with marma therapy and qi gong. activate your bodies ability to heal itself through the meridians.

    Engage and empower the subtle anatomy and neural centers in your head, heart, and gut. Allow the wisdom within us all to grow.








PEMF Therapy has been personally responsible for my own healing of autoimmune disease and cancer. It was the silver bullet.






Ayurvedic pulse reading to determine what lifestyle improvements make the most sense to YOU.

      Tune into the pulsation (spanda) of your biological activity and gain insight into the patterns that give govern your mental and physical states. Consider what you inherited from earth, sky, family, and culture.










PEMF sessions, pulsed electromagnetic therapy using the best equipment from Switzerland and Germany.”

Whole body energy regeneration, recharging the human body's many trillions of cells, increasing oxygenation and ATP production, speeding up detoxification and improving nutrient absorption, reducing inflammation response and stress cascades, allowing full body hydration to occur, boosting the immune system, healing inflamed tissues and wounds, improves scar tissue healing, empowering general nervous system function, boosting recovery time from heavy activities and workloads, harmonizing energy meridians quickly without overstimulating, reducing pain from various causes (including arthritis and back pain), enhancing micro-circulation, positively modulating headaches and migraines, increasing bone density by 20 to 30 percent in osteoporosis, reducing Fibromyalgia symptoms, improving sleeping disorders and complete burnout.