Larry Li

Larry Li has been practicing holistic therapies for the past ten years and is passion about the integration and clinical usage of all evidence based healing modalities. He has had the good fortune to study under varioous amazing doctors and therapists in Canada, US, and Taiwan. He uses his personal experience with cancer, autoimmune disease, and OCD to hold a healing space and create individualized health plans. Larry has had formal education from The University of Victoria, The Ayurvedic Institute, Narayana Ayurveda Academy, The Vancouver Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and The Institute Of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver. In his spare time he loves to teach meditation. trade stocks, and is currently writing his second book on meditation for the modern world.


Teodora Li

Teodora Li. Born in Romania, and a resident in 3 countries., she is an emphatic to all walks of life. Teodora is a Buddhist practitioner with a passion for spiritual anthropology. Teodora has a wealth of knowledge as she is someone who has overcome physical and mental disease using yogic techniques such as yoga asana, pranayama, sattvic diet, mantra meditation and Vajrayana tantric practices.

Student for life, Teodora has a master in Brand Management. She is a certified Yoga Instructor and Fitness Trainer. She has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 5 years. She is guided by her spiritual teacher Chen Lao Shi from Taiwan, a Vajrayana master. Having tasted from both corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, she can relate to a wide scope of individuals. Teodora is attentive and loves to cater to an individuals specific needs.

You should expect a meditative atmosphere combined with a deep dive into self that will awaken your mental and physical desire to allow your true self come forth.

Action Compassion is a wellness service established in 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada. We offer education and therapy to clients on an individual or group basis. We use healing modalities found in Ayurveda and Holistic Mental Health.

Action Compassion is currently comprised of Larry Li and Teodora Li.