Action Compassion is a wellness service established in 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada. We offer education and therapy to clients on an individual or group basis. We use healing modalities found in Ayurveda and Holistic Mental Health.

Action Compassion is currently a duo that sees clients together:

Larry Li has been practicing holistic therapies for the past ten years and has learned Ayurveda and Energy Medicine directly from his teachers in Canada, US, and Taiwan. He uses his personal experience with cancer, autoimmune disease, and OCD to hold a healing space. Larry has had formal education from The University of Victoria, The Ayurvedic Institute, Narayana Ayurveda Academy, and The Institute Of Holistic Nutrition.

Teodora Li has been working with those suffering from mental health, body image disorders, and chronic pain her whole life. She is passionate about suffering and is a gentle but profound meditation teacher. She draws from her own experiences with anxiety, aspergers, and body dysmorphia to create a healing space. She holds a masters degree in business from the University of Denmark.